The film is an adaptation of a romantic ballad by Adam Mickiewicz under the same title. It tells the story of a mysterious lake, at the bottom of which lies the enchanted medieval city. Świteź is an apocalyptic tale of destruction, miracles, eternal struggle between good and evil, faith and hope. The film was made in the Warsaw Human-Ark animation studio. All characters and elements appearing in the film are brought to life with the help of a special technique that has enriched the animation into the living tissue of the painting texture.

XIX century – the Romantic era. On a stormy night a carriage with a young Traveler rushes through the vast steppe. The lightning bolts stop him in the middle of the forest. The coachman and horses fall into a mysterious dream. A stunned Traveler comes out of the wagon. Dark ominous figures emerge from the darkness. Suddenly, the hero finds himself in the middle of soldiers rushing on black horses who shoot fiery arrows over his head. Escaping from danger, he gets to the shore of the lake, lost in peace and quiet. Unnoticeably he falls into the lake, which in an unusual way transfers him to the ancient city. He becomes a witness to the last days of the city of Świteź, plundered by invaders whom he saw in the forest. When the city is in flames, its inhabitants seek refuge in the church and pray for a miraculous salvation to God. Salvation comes and water absorbs the city with its inhabitants and invaders. In the morning it turns out that the castle has disappeared, and the hero floats on the surface of the water, surrounded by hundreds of water lilies – enchanted residents of Świtez.

Director: Kamil Polak
Writer: Kamil Polak


2011 Annecy International Animated Film Festival – Winner – Jean-Luc Xiberras Award for a First Film
2011 Krakow Film Festival – Winner – Silver Hobby – Horse of Cracow – Best Animated Film
2011 Las Palmas Film Festival – Winner – Best Short Film
2011 New York City Short Film Festival – Winner – Festival Award – Best Animation
2011 Palm Springs International ShortFest – Winner – Jury Award – Best Animation Short

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