Shopping Queens. Królowe Zakupów

Scenario of the episode includes four participants from different Polish cities participating in shopping in one shopping center. Participants have the task of spending a certain amount of money per person on two stylizations, shopping for clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. within one hour, according to the canon specified by the leader. The second part of the program consists in presenting their stylizations and their evaluations by their competing partners. The winner is the one who receives the most points - she also gets a voucher for shopping in the amount of PLN 2,500.The stylization assessment is up to 3 very special people. jury (T. Jacykow, Joanna Maria Osiecka, Dorota Wroblewska, Jessica Mercedes, Jarek Szado and others interchangeably).The program is run by a well-known model and stylist - Joanna Horodyńska.

Category: tv formats