Randka z Nieznajomym

Two couples meet in each program. The program also includes a teacher who constantly moderates the interaction between the participants. Participants do not know each other and do not see each other before. Each of the heroes is dressed according to the expectations of the other side (my ideal or anti ideal). These dressed up couples meet on a date on which they have the opportunity get to know each other better. Usually this is done through specific tasks: drawing each others portraits, wine testing, learning to dance, cooking, sports, talks, games and activities etc.These tasks bring them closer.In the final 2 couples are facing a confrontation: they will see each other, just as they really look.Then, in the final scene, they decide whether in their natural incarnation, so different from the one in which they met they would want to continue their relationship. A couple who will decide on the next date draws a surprise prize. A couple who do not want to meet again receives consolation prizes.

Category: tv formats