Mr. Jones

Oscar™ nominated Agnieszka Holland (Europa Europa, Spoor, In Darkness) portrays extraordinary, hidden story of Gareth Jones’, an ambitious young Welsh journalist who went to the Soviet Union in 1933 and discovered the terrifying truth behind the Stalinist Soviet utopia.
The journalist investigation of young Jones quickly turned into a journey of life or death…
The whole story was an inspiration for George Orwell to write “Animal Farm”.

Director: Agnieszka Holland
Writer: Andrea Serdaru Barbul
Cast: James Norton, Vanessa Kirby, Peter Sarsgaard …


2019 Gdynia Polish Film Festival
Winner – Best Production Design – Grzegorz Piatkowski
Winner – Golden Kangaroo – Best Film – Agnieszka Holland (director)
Winner – Golden Lions – Best Film – Agnieszka Holland (director)
2019 Berlin International Film Festival – Nominee – Golden Berlin Bear – Best Film – Agnieszka Holland
2019 Camerimage – Nominee – Golden Frog – Main Competition – Tomasz Naumiuk
2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival – Winner – Best of the Fest Audience
2020 Ukrainian Film Academy Awards – Nominee – Golden Dziga

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