Kacperiada is an animated series, a story about challenges  from the borderline of childhood and adulthood. It presents events in which the main role is played by Kacper, a 7-year-old rascal discovering the world and testing the endurance of his parents with colorful imagination and inexhaustible energy. Each episode brings a new adventure. At first, Kacper encounters a problem and tries to face it alone. When it does not go well, dad or mom are involved - and this leads straight to a catastrophe. Kacper often learns how to not  act by observing the mistakes of others. Kacper's actions are often inspired by the adventures of the protagonists of his beloved series entitled Muchomściciel. The adventures of a crazy family are accompanied by animals that behave weirdly, which are taken care of by a mother - an animal psychologist. The witnesses of the events are two pigeons - fat and thin – who are watching the world and people with sincere surprise.Director: Jakub Tarkowski, Michał Śledziński, Wojciech Wawszczyk, Tomasz Leśniak, Kamil PolakAwards:2014 The National Festival of Animated Films OFAFA - Silver Line in the category of professional film for the best children's film2014 Polish Animation Film Festival “O!PLA“ – Main Prize in Competition “Children Now”2015 Polish Animation Film Festival “O!PLA“ – Main Prize in Competition “Children Now”

Category: animation