Jerz Jeży

Forget about sweet hedgehogs with apples on their back. With a twisted bonnet, Jerzy, who is skimming between blocks on a skateboard, is a complete denial of his species. He loves good drinks and hot girls (read by beautiful women). For him there is no dilemma – to buy flowers for a loved one or a bottle of beer – the only solution is just one. But Jerzy Jerzego’s life is not so easygoing – he has a stump with local skinheads and nearby Vietnamese, who would like to turn him into a chicken in five flavors. One day, a mysterious professor enters the complicated life of Jerzy. Thanks to the DNA acquired with great difficulty and pain, he creates the clone of the hedgehog. The new hero is to replace his prototype and become a Perfect Celebrity. However, there is only a place for one hero in this country. The real hedgehog Jerzy goes to regain his good name.

Director: Wojciech Wawszczyk, Jakub Tarkowski, Tomek Leśniak
Writer: Rafał Skarżycki
Cast: Borys Szyc, Maria Peszek, Maciek Maleńczuk, Wojtek Sokół …


2012 New York (Brooklyn Film Festival) – “Spirit Award”
2012 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival – Grand Prix
2011 SXSW Film Festival – Nominee – Audience Award – Midnight Feature

Category: animation