FESTYN is a short feature film created as part of the “30 Minutes” Munk Studio program, which operates at the Polish Filmmakers Association.
The middle of summer. Heat. A train filled with passengers travels to the sea. Suddenly, it stops in the middle of nowhere.
A girl throws herself onto the railroad tracks. Travelers, while waiting for the police, come out of the wagons. Equipped with beach towels and blankets spread out on the clearing.
There is beer, sausage and barbecue, there are sun-tanning creams and guesses about the possible causes of suicidal death of a teenager.
People are more concerned about the train’s increasing delay than the corpse lying next to it, or the real cause of the accident.

Director: Grzegorz Krawiec
Writer: Grzegorz Krawiec, Anna Stańko
Cast: Michalina Rodak, Mikołaj Chroboczek …

Category: feature films