A strange patient gets admitted to a psychiatric hospital located somewhere at the edge of the world, he is strange (even by comparison to the habitual “tenants”).
As he stands motionless all  and every day, with his hands raised,  he not speaks to no-one, he is quickly given the nickname “Atlas”.

Like mushrooms growing after the rain, stories from “trusted sources” appear in the hospital – explaining who “Atlas” really is and what happened to him.
And so when some believe that he was a heroic miner who supported the falling ceiling, and saved five colleagues, but went crazy from the load, others assure that he was not a miner but an astronomer who went crazy because of the black holes, or that he was a special forces commando and while in captivity he was beaten by the terrorists, causing his madness.
Something may be true, maybe everything is, or maybe really nothing. The spiral of disinformation is propelled without mercy, so that the final confrontation of everyone with everyone seems inevitable.
There are more and more stories, and although each differs from the previous one, everyone agrees that Atlas is a great man and his heroic deeds requiring some reaction.
It is not certain what kind though.
The situation winds up like the “Process” of Kafka, in which the judges are guilty of too many good intentions, and the accused is completely unresponsive.
At least for now…

Director: Maciej Kawalski
Writer: Maciej Kawalski
Cast: Tomasz Kot, Marian Opania …


2018 Krakow Film Festival – Winner – Silver Hobby – Horse of Cracow – Best Short Feature Film
2018 Koszalinski Festiwal Debiutow Filmowych Mlodzi i Film – Winner – Canal+ Award – Best Short Film – Maciej Kawalski (director)
2018 Polish Film Festival – Winner – Special Award – Multimedia Polska – Short Feature Film Competition – Maciej Kawalski
Bermuda International Film Festival – Grand Prix
 Waszyngton DC Shorts International Film Festival – Audience Award
 Syracuse International Film Festival – Judges’ Citation Award
 European Cinematography Awards – Award for the Best Film
 Miami Short Film Festival – Award for the Best Short Film
 Rome International Film Festival – Award for the Best Short Feature Film

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