About us


We believe in storytelling.

We are devoted to the process!


We are a passion-driven team and really, we love what we do.
We produce commercials, digital & video content, still photography
shoots, feature films and television formats.

We work for local and global advertising agencies,
clients and tv stations.

We have many years of experience behind us, and in the world
of filmmaking its like light years.
In one word, we do what we belive in and what we know best:
we produce!


We are Film Production.

Those who trusted us, among others:

Nestle, P&G, Orange, Grupa Żywiec, Danone, Orlen, Alior Bank, PKO BP, ING, mBank, US Pharmacia, Polpharma, Sanofi, Kaufland, Samsung, NC+/Canal +, PKP, PZU, Audi, BMW, Dacia, Honda, Kia, Mercedes, Porsche, Renault, Toyota.


This is the beating heart of Film Produkcja, our team is ready for anything. Among us are producers who have shot on BetaCam's, others who in the Byzantine times did table tops on film stock, and those who are now clogging matrices.

Since the early nineties, we've produced several thousands of commercials. We ‘ve shot on all continents, hence our stamp-heavy passports. Annually, we create over 70 commercials along with digital content.

We work with various clients - both local and global ones. We often work with international advertising agencies. Our studio’s projects can be seen everywhere in the world.

Digital & Content

Did you say the Internet? You got it! With content created specifically for new media in mind, a brand new department was created full of young, talented, ambitious and creative people.

They skillfully combine classic marketing activities with the latest achievements of technology. Thanks to them, unique productions for our clients have been created:
· VR'y 360,
· 24h live streaming,
· 3D video mapping.

Do you remember the times when MTV music videos were played at the parties? We grew up on it, so creating music videos is a lot of fun for us. We do not limit ourselves to a specific musical genre or the popularity of an artist, we just do cool things.

Feature Films

Every story must be written before it is shot.
We have script writers, of course. But not only. We also have a whole team dedicated to finding inspiring topics and projects before raising funds and bringing them to the screen.

We are highly dedicated to art-house cinema – implementing the directors vision. We commit as an independent producer (or co-producer) to international feature productions, which often times become festival candidates. We do love a good commercial project too.

It's no secret that we work with the best. We produced Agnieszka Holland’s latest "Mr. Jones " which was in the main competition at the Berlinale Festival in 2019.
We support young and talented artists, like Agata Alexander, implementing her directorial world debut entitled "Warning". And the co-produced by us Israeli film "Scaffolding" (in Polish "Droga Aszera") directed by Matan Yari, has received numerous international awards and prizes.

TV Formats

Shall we cook something together? Or possibly go on a date? We could also go on a shopping spree!

The specificity of television formats is a completely different story to advertising, so we have created a team dedicated exclusively to this discipline. A TV crew is composed of screenwriters, producers and TV directors with many years of experience who know TV from the inside out.

We like challenges, which is why we not only buy existing TV formats, but also develop our own programs and television shows. We can boast off such titles as "A Date with a Stranger" or "Shopping Queen".

Film Service

On the absolutely highest level, we provide production services to foreign customers and production houses from all over the globe.
We successfully implement advertising briefs and digital-content films, offering locations throughout Poland from Tatra mountains in the South to the beaches of the Baltic Sea.

Our particular forte is in the production of car commercials. Our portfolio contains films for the world's largest automotive giants: Audi/ BMW/ Dacia/ Honda/ Kia/ Mercedes/ Lexus/ Porsche/ Renault.

As part of all services, we provide:
- the largest database of locations and comprehensive acquisition of required consents for shoots
- professional casting in Poland and abroad,
- reliable film equipment
- comprehensive insurance for the film shoot.

Our team

We have been doing what we love with enthusiasm for years...

Stanisław Dziedzic
Executive Producer / CEO
Konrad Mikołajczyk
Head of Production / Vice CEO
Tomi Komorowski
Head of International Production
Kasia Kryńska
Business Development Executive
Grażyna Bastek
Joanna Zielinska
Gonia Gałka
Jarek Frontczak
Producer / Production Manager
Monika Nowak
Producer / Production Manager
Paweł Bożyczko
Tomek Krzywicki
Production Manager
Klaudia Procajło
Production Manager
Paweł Madejski
Production Manager
Manuela Baginska
Production Manager
Karol Brzeziński
Production Manager
Bartek Kowalczyk
Directors' Department
Daniel Krajewski